Vol 9

Letter From Our National Treasurer

Lifeblood logoRecently you received a letter from our National Treasurer, Juana Conrad, to all Local Spiritual Assemblies and Registered Groups referencing the upcoming Feast Letter about the National Fund. We have once again included the letter here for your review and reflection.

In addition, some of you have been contacting us with requests for information and guidance for fundraisers. We have created a Fundraising Packet that is available by clicking here and also by looking at the left panel of the Baha'i Treasurers Bulletin under the heading 'Fundraising Packet'. It includes the following:

•    Presentations, such as one about the $31 million goal and where it goes:  click here

•    Deepening materials, such as a presentation about the importance of universal participation in giving:  click here

•    A top 9 list of financial guidelines to follow for fundraisers:  click here

Arise Survey for Junior Youth

Arise4Dearly loved Friends,

In the recent issue of Arise, our publication for junior youth, we have included a link to a survey for the junior youth to fill out. We are striving to improve our level of service to our dearly cherished junior youth and we need your help to spread the word to them. We would like to hear their feedback about the booklet. Please give the following link to all of the junior youth in your Baha'i community:


Thanks in advance!

With loving Baha'i greetings,

Office of the Treasurer

Call for Stories

Have you ever experienced giving sacrificially to the Fund only to find that the gift you gave somehow finds its way back to you in outstanding ways? In the Office of the Treasurer, we have learned that stories of confirmation about the Fund can touch the heart and inspire the believers to greater levels of sacrifice. Please send us your awe-inspiring stories by emailing them to finance@usbnc.org. Your story could end up in a future issue of the Baha'i Treasurers Bulletin!

Letter From Our National Treasurer

Lifeblood logoDearly loved friends,

Recently a letter from our National Treasurer, Juana C. Conrad, with important information about the National Fund was mailed and emailed to all the members of the American Baha'i community. Please print out a copy of the letter and bring it with you to Feast to share during consultation with the friends. Spanish and Persian versions of the letter, as well as additional information on ways to give can be found at http://lettertocommunity.bahai.us

With loving Baha'i greetings,
Office of the Treasurer