Vol 7

Capacity for Sacrifice

Resting place of the Guardian The beloved Guardian showered voluminous amounts of love and guidance on the American Bahá’í community. In doing so, he made it abundantly clear that he had great faith in the huge capacity of this richly-blessed band of followers of the Blessed Beauty. This capacity comes in many forms, including with the teaching work and with sacrificing for the Funds of the Faith.  In this light, we share with you the following quotation from Shoghi Effendi:

“The community of the organized promoters of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh in the American continent -- the spiritual descendants of the dawn-breakers of an heroic Age, who by their death proclaimed the birth of that Faith -- must, in turn, usher in, not by their death but through living sacrifice, that promised World Order, the shell ordained to enshrine that priceless jewel, the world civilization, of which the Faith itself is the sole begetter.”

(Shoghi Effendi, The Advent of Divine Justice, p. 7)

As we study the lives of the dawn-breakers, let us reflect on how we can fulfill this wish of the Guardian and truly be their spiritual descendents. Please consult with the believers in your community and cluster about how we can achieve this, both with our devoted efforts to the Five Year Plan and with our sacrifices to the Fund. Start a discussion on the Treasurers Cafe about the results of your consultations and how we can utilize this spirit to win the $26 million National Fund goal this year, even in advance of Ridvan. We can’t wait to read the results!

FUNDcast - in both English and Spanish!

Miguel Allcast We are very happy to share this FUNDcast episode with you, in both English and Spanish. Miguel Allcast from Chicago, Illinois talks about the Plan of God and the part we can play as we sacrifice out of our love for Him.

Recently, we changed our video format in an effort to make it more accessible. We hope that this will resolve any challenges that may have been faced while trying to watch previous videos. Please feel free to send us feedback on the new video format.

To tune in to this and all other episodes of the Office of the Treasurers’ FUNDcast series , you may access the program and download each episode at http://www.usbnc.org/nationalbahaifund.

On People's Minds

Mailbox with hearts and petals Question

Our Assembly received contributions in January 2010 that were dated for December 2009. Please clarify when the contributions are considered to have been contributed for tax purposes.


Internal Revenue Service regulations state that contributions are recognized based on the date when they are given. Thus, the postmark is recognized as the contribution date at the end of the calendar year as a contribution is considered given based on when the letter was put in the hands of the Post Office (the postmark date). This can lead to contributions being dated prior to the date they are received by the charitable organization.

Avenues of Love and Support

Upper portion of the building where The Bab declared As we hear more and more news of the situation of our beloved brothers and sisters in the Cradle of the Faith, our hearts long to do whatever we can to come to their aid. Along with much-needed prayer and ever-increasing victories in teaching, funds are needed to come to their defense. As the National Spiritual Assembly recently shared:

“This is a deeply distressing situation, and we know that the hearts of our entire community go out to these long-suffering and steadfast friends. We assure you that the Bahá’í International Community and the National Assemblies of the world, under the unerring guidance of the Universal House of Justice, are doing everything possible to bring this injustice to the attention of the media and the community of nations.” (National Spiritual Assembly, January 13, 2010)

How wonderful it would be for those of us in service to the Fund to engage in dialogue with our fellow believers about the various ways we can show our love and support for our brethren in the Faith residing in Iran, which includes sacrificing for the Fund. We are assured of the success of your consultations.

Treasure Chest Training Update

2010_0123Riverside0278 The Treasure Chest Trainings are continuing and are meeting with resounding success! The attendees are leaving feeling inspired and full of new knowledge to use in carrying out their sacred duties as stewards of the Fund. We encourage you to attend one if you can. The following locations and dates still have open seats:

Louisville, KY – Feb 20, 2010
Minneapolis, MN – Apr 3, 2010

To reserve a spot for these one-day seminars, please call 847-733-3488 or email finance@usbnc.org. We look forward to seeing you there!

FUNDcast: Marianne Geula

Marianne Geula Screen Grab In this FUNDcast episode, Marianne Geula from Chicago, Illinois talks about building a relationship with the Fund by engaging it. She considers her contributions as an investment in humanity and believes that contributing to the Fund assists in spreading the Cause of Baha'u'llah.

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