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Did you know that as a way to contribute towards the National Fund goal, you can give in honor of someone for an Ayyam-i-Ha gift exchange? Simply fill out an "In Honor" form and write on the first line "Leave Blank". Then fill in your name and address to receive the "In Honor" card. What a beautiful way to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha! A sample form is included for you below.

Download Sample In Honor Form

Fund Education Assistants Coming Up Next...

Do you have one or more treasurer’s assistants in your community, to assist in educating and inspiring the believers about the sacred Institution of the Fund? If so, please let us know how it is working. Your story could end up in an article that inspires others! Stay tuned for more information in the next BTB about local treasurers appointing Fund education assistants.

Winning the Goal

Photo-stamford-01[1] “As we witness the movement of greater numbers of new adherents entering the Cause, a
constant continuous flow of resources from believers, both newly enrolled and veteran
alike, must be maintained. Our financial support to accompany these bold steps in the teaching arena is essential and the generosity of each of us must likewise be as bold.” (From letter from Dr. William Roberts, National Treasurer, December 17, 2008)

We commit to your continued study the recent letter from our National Treasurer, Dr. William Roberts. In it he highlights how our teaching efforts and sacrifices to the Fund must go hand-in-hand. Please reflect on it with your communities and your clusters, as you consult on winning the $25M National Fund Goal by Ridvan 2009. A forum discussion has been started on the Treasurers Cafe for you to share the results of your learnings.

You Stand in a Crucial Position

Joan Lincoln singing “There can be no doubt that the stage is set for a marked advance in the process of entry by troops throughout the country.” (The Universal House of Justice, 6 December 2008, from a letter to the Friends gathered at the six Regional Conferences in the United States)

Our Supreme Body has promised us that the conditions are ready in the United States for significant growth in the Baha’i community, and in the same letter has stated "prospect" is "bright" in our regions. In our discretion we are learning that prospect can be realized with work. There's much work to be done!

The two essential elements that will assist in this process are teaching the Cause and sustained and increased giving to the Fund. One requires human resources and the other material resources. Both are spiritual in their essence. Both will propel us forward with ever-increasing speed. And you, our beloved Local Treasurers, stand in a crucial position to serve this imminent victory as we witness our community reach to win this year's National Fund Goal.

In order to ensure that the teaching work and the activities of the Five Year Plan continue at the necessary pace, the entire American Baha’i community must make every effort to provide the resources necessary at such a crucial time. “No matter how meager,” it will be our offerings and resources, given with the spirit of sacrifice and love for Baha'u'llah, sustained through to the final moment, that will bring about our victory in winning the goal.

Please consult with your clusters, communities and individuals regarding an action plan for winning this year’s goal in these final months. We ask you to take the time to act, reflect and consult on how you will address this within your communities and facilitate the flow of love and funds to support the work ahead. Please share your actions and  learnings with each other on the Treasurers Cafe.

"Our financial support to accompany these bold steps in the teaching arena is essential and the generosity of each of us must likewise be as bold...

Now, as the Gregorian year comes to a close, we urge you to make special efforts —
and continue to do so through Ridvan — to contribute to the National Fund, ensuring
the National Assembly is not left without the economic capacity to enable its many
activities nationally, regionally, and internationally to continue.

At the end of November, Baha'is had contributed $10.6 M toward our $25 M National
Fund goal. Time is quickly passing."

(From the December 17, 2008 letter from the National Treasurer)

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FUNDcast PromoThe Office of the Treasurer is delighted to announce the launch of FUNDcasts! These audio and video podcasts are short, downloadable explorations and meditations on a range of topics related to the Funds, from why we give to how much to what the Funds do. They are perfect for new Baha'is as well as veteran Baha'is, for your own personal study, for home visits, or for Feast presentations.

We ask that you do your best to make the dear friends in your community aware of this exciting development in Fund education!

To subscribe to the weekly FUNDcast series you can visit NationalBahaiFund.us and soon you'll be able to subscribe and download each episode through iTunes.