Vol 5

The Fund and the Purpose of Life

Earth_image We know that teaching, the fundamental focus of the Five Year Plan, must also include Fund Education for old and new believers. Through the examination of the following three excerpts, treasurers can deepen with their community by engaging with them in a meditation that examines the links between the purpose of this life, the Laws of Baha’u’llah and the sacred duty to contribute to the Fund. The friends will then be further prepared to give firesides, make home visits and share their understanding of the sacred duty of contributing to the Fund and the impact it has on our personal and collective progress.


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Nettie Tobin's Journey

Nettie Tobin, an early Chicago Baha'i and dressmaker, felt that she wasn't able to give much to the building fund for the Mother Temple of the West. But what she did give has indelibly, and for all time, linked her her loving and sacrificial spirit to the holiest Baha'i House of Worship in the world. The story of how she brought the Temple cornerstone to the construction site is a tender story of great love in the face of difficulty, and can now, with the assistance of modern technology, be brought closer to life.

The map below traces the last and most arduous leg of her journey to bring the Temple cornerstone to rest in its destined spot, where it lay in wait for four years to be guided by Abdu'l-Baha's Hand. Keep reading to follow the journey and if you're feeling adventurous, click on the 'Larger Map' link where you have the option of a 'Street View' view (click on 'Street View' and drag the little yellow figure to point A and follow the road north). As you travel the route, imagine what it must have looked like for Nettie in 1908, the year of this journey, when there were only a few thousand people living in Wilmette, as she carried a large building stone with only the force of her will.
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ACS is for Everyone!

Unified_young_people Having spoken with a number of young people throughout the country we learned that there are several opportunities for fund education regarding the Automatic Contribution System (ACS).

One prevalent concern was about not having enough money or a stable enough source of income. There are two underlying, related elements here, one regarding the size of the contribution and feeling that they can't enroll because of the small size of the contribution that they feel they can afford, and another about what might happen if there isn't enough money to cover the contribution amount, i.e. being overdrawn, not being able to afford food or rent.

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Lessons Learned from the Baha'i Center Assistance Corp.

Bca_logo_cropped The Baha'i Center Assistance Corp. (BCA), a committee of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the US to assist communities that either wish to or already do own a Center, has developed a series of 'Lessons Learned' articles that will be published in the Baha'i Treasurers Bulletin. Below is the first in that series...

Scenario:  A community wanted to have a Baha'i booth at the State Fair.  The Assembly called the Baha'i National Center to be sure that its booth activities would be covered by the National Spiritual Assembly’s insurance.  Incidentally, the Assembly rents a small building for use as a Baha'i Center and has its own insurance for activities at the Center.  The Assembly was surprised to learn that it would need an additional insurance policy for the State Fair booth.

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Feature News

Coffee_and_paper The Office of the Treasurer is delighted to announce a new service for treasurers - The Treasurers Cafe - coming soon in the next Baha'i Treasurers Bulletin! The Treasurers Cafe will be a place for treasurers to network, share ideas, and be a part of the community dedicated to serving the institution of the Cause. Just one of the exciting features of the Treasurers Cafe is a forum where you can not only talk with treasurers from around the country, but also upload and download activities, Feast reports, spreadsheets, and other tools that other treasurers have found useful in their work!

Stay tuned for the next issue of the Baha'i Treasurers Bulletin for information on how to begin networking at the Treasurers Cafe.

Young Believers Programs

The Office of the Treasurer is happy to share with you a film about the Fund. The short film, Lifeblood: Young Baha'is and the Funds, was produced as a way to both explore how young people are thinking about their material and spiritual lives, but also to offer a tool to spark similar conversations around the country. Feedback on the film has been wonderful and has shown that although the film explores the ‘young adult’ world, the issues and questions raised in the film have a broad appeal across a variety of age groups. And with the film available both in DVD format (contact the Office of the Treasurer for a copy) and now online on YouTube, the film is accessible to communities across the country.

If you’d like to hold a discussion about the whole film or even parts, as was done recently at one Feast where the local treasurer displayed selected parts of the film on a screen using a projector, we've made some possible discussion questions and relevant quotes available, in PDF format, here: Lifeblood Users Guide

Feel free to view it here or if you'd like to have the option of viewing it full screen, pause the film, click anywhere on the film itself, and you'll be taken to YouTube (then click on the lower right corner of the YouTube player).

New Issue of Arise!

Arise2_1_front_cover_web The new issue of Arise, the junior youth 'zine, has arrived! The latest issue features the story of Anis, the young man martyred with the Bab, an exercise that asks, What does it mean to spend out of our love for God?, a response to a question about dating from psychologist Dr. Pat McGraw, and an interview with Ken Bowers, Secretary-General of the National Spiritual Assembly. The junior youth in your community are sure to love it!

All registered junior youth receive a complimentary copy sent to their homes. To register contact the Membership Department by email or by phone at 847-733-3437.