Vol 20, Issue 4

What's in Your Archive?

Jan 30 1963 Proclamation of World Peace Day with C. Johnson  Temple McCormick; Fon Look; (all standing);  Melba King  Gov Rosellini (seated)

Dear friends, as I am working in the Seattle Bahá'í Archive currently, I came across this remarkable photo which we subsequently shared with the friends at our recent online Annual Meeting.

The Seattle Bahá'í community has a long history, since 1907, or 115 years to now. This photo was taken midway, in 1963, upon the presentation of the Proclamation of World Peace Day to the Governor of Washington State, Albert D. Rosellini. The four Bahá'í making the presentation:  back:  Clyde Johnson, founder and director of the Jina'i Singers, Bahá'í choral group of local reknown who performed at the Opening of the Panama Temple; Temple McCormick; Fon Look, thought to be the first Bahá'í of Chinese descent in Seattle. Seated: Melba King, first Inuit Bahá'í in the world, blind from birth, served as secretary of the Seattle Assembly for several years.

Why did this item go in your archive?

This was put in the archive due to its importance as one of many public presentations to dignitaries at that time. 

Why is it important to have an archive for the Bahá'í Community?

The archive is important so that a local people understand the challenges, trials, and triumphs of those who went before them in their own community.  Pictures open doors to deeper investigation of the fascinating stories behind them.


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