Vol 20, Issue 11

Unit Convention Issue


As the Friends are gathering for the Unit Convention in a few weeks, the Office of the Treasurer is pleased to share a special edition of the Bahá’í Fund Bulletin, highlighting some of the announcements and updates related to the Fund that will be shared at those gatherings. A copy of the full Unit Convention Fund Brochure is also available below for download.



Download Unit Convention Brochure

Download Persian Translation Unit Convention Brochure


Online Town Hall with National Treasurer

Please join the Treasurer of the National Spiritual Assembly, Dr. Robert C. Henderson, for an interactive town hall. This will be a brief conversation on the call of the Nine-Year Plan and the state of the Funds of the Faith, followed by a Q&A with Dr. Henderson and staff from the Office of the Treasurer. All are welcome!

If you would like to join a town hall, please click on the dates below to register:

Tuesday, October 4 at 1:30pm CT

Thursday, October 6 at 11am CT


Persian Bahá’í Media Service (Persian BMS)

Persian Bahá’í Media Service, an agency of the National Spiritual Assembly, provides a steady flow of informative programming through radio, television, podcasts, and social media platforms on a $1.5M budget per year. The privilege of supporting this path of service is given to all American Bahá’ís by the Universal House of Justice. Persian BMS serves as a source of accurate information on the Bahá’í Faith. The programs provided through Persian BMS offer hope to the people of Iran, especially the youth - opening their hearts and minds to how they can contribute to the betterment of society. 

Persian Bahá’í Media Service has become a trusted source of what the Bahá’í Faith has to offer to the people of Iran. Support for this work requires a steady source of material resources. Contributions made toward Persian Bahá’í Media Service are also part of our National Bahá’í Fund goal of $45M.

The video on the link below provides an example of the type of programming Persian BMS offers. This video was shared with friends who attended the September 3, 2022, Persian BMS Celebration Webinar. Please click on the link below to view!