Vol 19, Issue 5

National Spiritual Assembly Sets Fund Goal for 2021/22

The Office of the Treasurer is pleased to announce that the National Spiritual Assembly has prayerfully reflected and has determined the National Fund goal for this year. The National Fund goal, which is the minimum material resources required for the essential operations of the Faith in the United States, is $40M. The Universal House of Justice in its May 9th, 2020 letter stated, "Let there be no doubt or equivocation in this regard: it is essential that the institutions of the Faith maintain their operations throughout this period and not be obstructed by lack of resources in the discharge of their core duties." The National Fund will support the growth of the Faith, expansion and consolidation efforts, community building endeavors, maintenance of currently owned properties, and the acquisition of needed institute properties.

"...we entreat Bahá’u’lláh to make the confirmations that have sustained His followers for so long more abundant still, that you may be carried forward in your mission, your composure undisturbed by the turbulence of a world whose need for His healing message is ever more acute." The Universal House of Justice, Ridván 2021

The firmness in the Covenant and generosity of the American Bahá’í community has resulted in exceeding the National Fund goal for the past two years. May the confirmations referred to by the House of Justice above inspire the community of the Greatest Name to not only continue this trend, but increase it even more.