Vol 19, Issue 3

National Fund Goal Achieved

Dearly loved Bahá’í Friends,

Thanks to your sacrifice and generosity, the $40 million National Fund goal has been won on this second day of Riḍván.

As we prepare for a year like no other, the observance of the centennial anniversary of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s ascension and marking 100 years since His Will and Testament was released outlining the features and setting in motion the processes of the Administrative Order, we call upon those who can, to continue the flow of funds to enable us to "multiply the community’s powers in the field of action."

Juana C. Conrad


National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

Bahá'í Online Services Account

This is a friendly reminder from the Office of the Treasurer to remember to update your contact information on your Bahá’í Online Services Account (BOSA).  Click the “My Profile” in the upper right corner to make your edits. Don’t forget to click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page to secure your changes!

If you do not have a Bahá’í Online Service Account, you can create a new one by going to bahai.us and clicking "Log in" in the upper right corner. A BOSA allows you to easily access the U.S. Bahá’í community website where you will find the latest news and messages from the National Spiritual Assembly, the National Bahá’í Fund update and search the numerous resources available online.

Donor Advised Fund

Another financial instrument to consider when contributing to the funds of the Faith is a donor-advised fund (DAF). With a donor-advised fund, you can contribute cash and/or appreciated securities, claim a deduction for that year, and grow your contribution tax free over a number of years. You can establish a DAF at a financial institution or qualified community foundation. Another benefit of the DAF option is a consolidated tax document with all your charitable giving.

Checking Electronic Checks

As we continually strive to improve our quality control within the Treasurer’s Office, we humbly ask that those donors contributing by means of Electronic “E” Checks kindly review the information on their checks. Specifically, please ensure that the donor's full name is included, along with their current address, Bahá’í ID number and, if there is an earmark, for it to be clearly and fully written out on the check or in the memo line. We are striving to prevent any ambiguity in processing such checks.

As an alternative to Electronic “E” Checks, we encourage the friends to consider using the Bahá’í Online Contribution System, which offers equivalent functions for making contributions. We have included below a link to the portal and to some instructions on how to create a profile and how to set up a continuing contribution, similar to how Electronic Checks function. We are immensely grateful for your assistance and generous contributions to the Baha’i Funds.

Link to Online Contribution System (OCS) https://ocs.bahai.us/

Download Donor's Guide