Vol 19, Issue 17

National Fund Update and Bahá’í National Archives

The American Bahá’í community has contributed $32.5M to the National Fund as of January 1st. Our familiar ways of life have shifted over the past few years, yet the community has remained steadfast in their goals of supporting the important work undertaken by the various institutions of the Faith. We continue to receive reports from community members about the triumphs, challenges, and interesting revelations and adventures they have embarked on in their enthusiastic support of the Funds. We are heartened by these stories and look optimistically toward the 2021/2022 National Fund goal of $40M with your encouragement.

Another endeavor being embarked upon this year is the relocation of the US Bahá’í National Archives and the renovation of its new space. The Archives at the Bahá’í National Center in Wilmette, IL preserves relics, documents, and stories in various mediums and allows us to have a spiritual and material connection to the history of the Faith as well as the future Bahá’í community. The relocation of the Archives facility will bring drastic improvements to the upkeep, safety, and accessibility of these precious items and stories. The Fund Development department is excited to share intriguing and interesting details from the archives collection throughout this renovation project, so stay tuned for videos, photographs, articles, kids' content, and more. Contributions to the Archives relocation can be made through the Online Contribution System by selecting "US Bahá'í Archives Renovation."

Persian Bahá’í Media Service

Persian Bahá’í Media Service is an agency of the National Spiritual Assembly which creates the laudable work of radio and television programming striving to acquaint the people of Iran and Persian-speaking people throughout the world with the history and teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. The privilege of supporting this path of service has been given to the American Bahá’ís by The Universal House of Justice. As of January 5, 2022, the contributions of the friends have totaled to $982,000 toward the $1.5 Million annual goal. The requirements for the funding of this crucial endeavor increase as it continues to produce and distribute radio and television programs that share the healing message of Bahá’u’lláh.