Vol 19, Issue 16

Planned Giving Resources on Bahá'í.us

Did you know that the Bahá’í.us website has a Planned Giving Resource page? A great tool for those who wish to learn about the Planned Giving options or about writing a will and testament.

On the page you will find information about various Planned Giving services such as setting up Charitable Gift Annuity accounts, making a contribution through an IRA Charitable Rollover, donating appreciated stock, real estate, and more. You can download The Writing of a Will and Testament Booklet (also available in Persian) and other resources. You will also find contact information for Planned Giving/Office of the Treasurer for further questions and information.

To navigate to the Planned Giving resources, sign in at Bahai.us/community. Under the National Fund thermometer on the right-hand column, click Planned Giving