Vol 19, Issue 15

The Writing of a Will Webinar

This Office of the Treasurer hosts informational webinars about The Writing of a Will and Testament booklet. In this year of the Centenary of the Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, to honor Him and follow His example, the Office of the Treasurer would like to help as many friends as possible write or update their will and testament. The webinars have been attended by over a thousand friends, whose feedback includes:

"It renewed my spiritual bond with our purpose of the importance of leaving a will. And the presentations were very heartfelt. I got teary-eyed at some point."

"Very informative & has made me want to learn more. Also, & most importantly, gave me a sense of urgency to do my will & testament."

The webinar also gives the opportunity to write your testament in this dignified and prayerful space. If you would like to join the next Writing of a Will and Testament webinar, click below:

Sunday, Dec 12 from 12-2pm CT

For future webinar date announcements, subscribe to our texts by texting 'bahaifund' to (224) 714-0995, where we send Fund updates, inspiring quotes, and announcements 2-3 times a month. 

We acknowledge that some members of the community may not have access to or experience with technology, so we encourage those who do to invite those members to participate in the wills webinars by hosting small gatherings if vaccinated, or assisting them with getting set up to view the webinars.  The Writing of a Will Booklet can also be printed for better accessibility. Friends can also contact their Local Spiritual Assembly for assistance with accessing the Writing of a Will Webinars. 

New Texting Number

The number to the Treasurers Office texting subscription has changed. Now, to sign up, text "bahaifund" to (224) 714-0995. If you've already signed up for our texting program, you will receive the texts as usual-- no action is required. 

After signing up for texts from the Office of the Treasurer, you will receive Fund updates, webinar information, inspirational quotes, videos, and more two to three times per month!