Vol 19, Issue 14

Persian Bahá'í Media Service Fund

Persian Bahá’í Media Service (PersianBMS) broadcasts television and radio programs worldwide, with a focus on the audience in Iran. Their programs deal directly with the Faith and contributes to the advancement of discourses in Iran, chiefly by creating programming that presents the Bahá’í perspective for the future of Iran. The content informs Iranian citizens about the Bahá’í Faith’s and its impact around the world and supports the efforts of the Baha’i friends in Iran who are active in community building, social action and social discourse.  The radio and television programs support community-building efforts and prompt many requests for information from viewers.

The financial goal to support PersianBMS is $1.5M, which is part of the National Fund Goal. The privilege of supporting this path of service is given to all the Baha’is of United States. So far, the amount contributed toward PersianBMS is $430,686. To make contributions to support the work and productions of PersianBMS, you can use the Online Contribution System and select Persian Bahá’í Media Service Fund (Payam-e-Doost).

Ss2some radio and telvision programs produced by PersianBMS

Ss2"Like the Breeze" television series, which chronicles the experiences of new believers and how the Faith has impacted their lives