Vol 18, Issue 17

National Spiritual Assembly Study of Book 11

The National Spiritual Assembly has completed study of the first two units of the Ruhi Institute’s Book 11: Material Means― with Unit 1 focusing on the subject of Giving: The Spiritual Basis of Prosperity, and Unit 2, The Institution of the Fund. Together, they studied the question of what material means the Bahá’í community will have to acquire in increasing abundance to eventually be able to offer humanity all the benefits of a prosperous society. The National Spiritual Assembly will continue their study with Ruhi Book 13: Engaging in Social Action.

Local Spiritual Assemblies and registered groups are encouraged to contact the appropriate individuals in their clusters and request a tutor to facilitate their own study of Book 11.  Depending on the milestone of the cluster, the individual may be the Study Circle Coordinator, the Regional Training Institute Coordinator, or the Regional Training Institute Secretary. As always, your Regional Bahá'í Council Secretary or your Auxiliary Board Member also stand ready to assist in identifying tutors.

The Continental Fund

The Continental Bahá’í Fund supports the propagation and protection work of the International Teaching Center, the Continental Boards of Counselors, the Auxiliary Boards and their assistants.

Guidance from the Universal House of Justice about the Continental Funds tells us, “Nor should the believers, individually or in their Assemblies, forget the vitally important Continental Funds which provide for the work of the Hands of the Cause of God and their Auxiliary Boards. This divine institution, so assiduously fostered by the Guardian, and which has already played a unique role in the history of the Faith, is destined to render increasingly important services in the years to come.”