Vol 18, Issue 12

Funds for Bosch Bahá'í School

Generous contributions have been made to repair buildings and equipment at Bosch Bahá'í School after the damage caused by wildfires. So far, $150,000 has been raised to help with this effort.

Gifts made to National's Properties Relief Fund will assist us in a timely response to Bosch. To give to the Properties Relief Fund, select it in the drop-down menu of the Online Contribution System on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Third Party Contribution Platforms

The office of the Treasurer would like to remind the friends about third party contribution platforms:

Online or third party websites to contribute to any of the Bahá’í funds should not be utilized. Donations made through these third-party websites and organizations cannot be validated as donations made by enrolled Bahá’ís. The original contributors using these systems often remain anonymous and even when attributed by name, none of these sites require a Bahá’í ID number to make a donation, even a donation earmarked for Bahá’í funds or institutions. Despite the wonderful generosity of these contributions, with no ability to confirm the Bahá’í identity of the donor, the Office of the Treasurer must return these contributions to their third-party sources. 

We feel it is also important for the friends to note that some of the third-party organizations do not return declined contributions to the original contributor but, by policy, give the contributions to other non-profit organizations of their own choosing. When contributions made anonymously to any of the Bahá’í funds through third party contribution sites are returned, contributors may receive no notice that their contributions were returned or were given to other non-profits. We also note that while donors may receive a receipt for their charitable donations from the third party organization, this is not a receipt from the organization earmarked for the contribution. Consequently, a receipt from a third party organization which lists a Bahá’í institution or organization is not a receipt from that Bahá’í entity. 

To avoid issues with the acceptance and receipting of funds contributed online to institutions of the Faith, the friends should do so only through the Bahá’í Online Contribution System (OCS) at ocs.bahai.us/ocs.