Vol 17, Issue 5

Learning About the Funds in the South

This article comes from a Fund Development staff member in the Office of the Treasurer: 

On travels around the country, Fund Development staff have the opportunity to experience heart-warming expressions of the friends’ love for Bahá'u'lláh. During a trip to the South, junior youth and youth engaged in a Fund education activity emphasizing the spiritual nature of voluntary giving and the connection of our contributions to the world we are trying to build. Moreover, the youth focused on developing a spiritual perspective on the material world and its resources. The activity which can accompany any of the workshops from the Office of the Treasurer demonstrates through sums from a handful of coins to 100 dollars that any amount sacrificially given according to our means expresses our love and devotion to the Cause of Bahá'u'lláh. As a result, the young people enthusiastically expressed the desire to have their own Fund box. They made plans to decorate and use this Fund box each week during Sunday school classes with the goal of contributing to the National Fund at the end of Ridvan.

In the workshop for youth, “Young, Broke, & Spiritual,” young people ages 21-40 navigate the material world through a spiritual lens, with a special focus on the earlier part of their lives and how they can be of unique service to humanity, the Faith, and their kindred through their material means.

More workshops exploring the balance between our spiritual and material lives are available through the Office of Fund Development at bahaitreasurersoffice@usbnc.org.