Vol 17, Issue 19

Fasting and Reflection

The season of the Bahá'í­ Fast is a lovely and fitting time to consider the spiritual aspects of the Fund, including sacrifice, generosity, and detachment among others. It is also an appropriate time to reflect on the following quote as it relates to the Fund and spiritual growth:

"We therefore call upon every true-hearted Bahá’í to consecrate his life anew to the service of God and the betterment of the lot of mankind, so that manpower will not be lacking in the fields of pioneering, teaching and administrative service. Most urgently, may every believer give sacrificially of his substance, each in accordance with his means, to the funds of the Cause, local, national, continental and international, so that the material resources—the lifeblood of all activities—will be adequate to the tremendous work that we have to perform in the months and years immediately ahead. It requires a concentration of effort, a unity of purpose and a degree of self-sacrifice to match the heroic exertions of the victors of past plans in the progress of the Cause."

—The Universal House of Justice, letter dated 2 January 1984 to the Followers of Bahá’u’lláh in every Land, Messages from the Universal House of Justice