Vol 17, Issue 10

US Bahá’í Archives Renovation

A fund has been created to house the National Bahá’í Archives. This new archive space will house precious relics, historical artifacts and fragile documents now stored in several back spaces of Foundation Hall. Since its temporary space has become too small for the archive’s massive and growing collection and the technology for security, fire suppression and climate control is becoming obsolete, the US Bahá’í Archives Renovation Fund will enable relocation to a building in the vicinity of the House of Worship, renovation, and new, up-to-date safety and security systems. These developments will allow archivists to more securely house the items and documents that chronicle the history of the Faith in the US. Included in the archives are relics associated with the three Central Figures, such as clothing from Bahá'u'lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, the original Tablet of Ahmad and the original Tablets of the Divine Plan, and precious artifacts of the Báb, which will be displayed for the upcoming Bicentenary.

The monthly figure for the contributions to the US Bahá’í Archives Renovation Fund will be contained in each issue of the Treasurers Notes.