Vol 16, Issue 19

Children and Youth Mailings

Did you know that the Treasurers Office provides resources for children and junior youth? Aside from the bi-monthly Kids’ story included in the Bahá’í Treasurers bulletin, the Treasurers Office provides a Family Fund Newsletter and a Junior Youth Mailing. 



The Family Fund Newsletter, for kids ages 4-7, includes stories and activities that introduce concepts that relate to spiritual aspects of the fund, such as sacrifice, generosity, giving, and more. The Family Fund Newsletter is supplemented by a video series, the Family Fund Newscast, which can be found on the Treasurers Office Vimeo page. 



The Youth Mailings consist of stories, quotes, and ideas that inform youths’ service and activities and show how contributing to the Funds is related to the new world envisioned in the Teachings of the Faith. 

These are complementary mailings to all registered children. If there are children in your community who would like to be registered, your Assembly can do so through eMembership2.