Vol 16, Issue 17

Message from the Office of the Treasurer

Please see the letter below for a message from the Office of the Treasurer: 

Dear Friends,

As we enter the final quarter of the current fiscal year, the National Bahá'í Fund is experiencing a considerable shortfall.  Regional and local fundraisers have always played a crucial role in the winning of the National Fund goal in years past. The Office of the Treasurer would be grateful to know how many communities are planning fundraisers for the National Bahá'í Fund in the coming months before Ridván 2019.  We would also like to offer any resources, such as print materials or videos, that would be of any assistance to your efforts. Please reply to this email directly and let us know if there are plans in your community to host a fundraiser for the National goal. 

The Office of the Treasurer has also created a new 3-hour workshop, The Elements of Spiritual Fundraising, which we would be overjoyed to present in those communities beginning their fundraising event planning for this year. This seminar is designed to assist the friends with both the spiritual and legal aspects of planning, organizing and implementing fundraising initiatives and events focused on contributing to the National Fund. As with all of the Fund Development and Planned Giving Workshops, the event is paid for by the Office of the Treasurer and requires sponsorship by a Local Spiritual Assembly.  The host community would also be responsible for invitations to the event, scheduling an appropriate space and the lunch or snacks where required by the timing of the event. 

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact the facilitator and Director of Fund Development, Chris Gilbert at 847-556-3459 or online at cgilbert@usbnc.org.

Whether you are scheduling the workshop or not, we look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your devoted efforts to ensure a steady flow of resources to the lifeblood of the Cause. 


Office of the Treasurer