Vol 16, Issue 14

New Fundraising Workshop

With the growing number of individual, local and regional fundraising efforts in support of contributions for the National Fund, the Office of the Treasurer has created a new workshop, The Elements of Spiritual Fundraising. This is a two to three hour deepening meant to assist the friends in their planning, organizing and implementing of fundraisers taking place across the country, especially among the larger communities. It highlights, through the study of guidance and the important legal aspects of fundraising work, those events and activities which fit the Baha’i understanding of the spiritual nature of sacrifice and contributing, as well as the important laws and guidelines of the IRS. Please contact the Office of the Treasurer to schedule this and other workshops including The Lifeblood of the Cause, Young, Broke & Spiritual, Planned Giving, and The Fund Empowerment Workshops in your community. You can email the Office of the Treasurer at this email address.