Vol 16, Issue 11


Approaching the second quarterly goal, it can be fun to organize fundraisers to contribute to the Bahá’í Fund. As community members come up with creative and effective ways to fundraise for Local, Regional, National, International, and Continental Funds, they can use the following guidance from The House of Justice to help in their endeavors. 

"The House of Justice feels that it is important for the friends never to lose sight of the fact that contributing to the funds of the Faith is a spiritual responsibility and privilege of profound significance in the spiritual life of the individual believer, and care must be taken not to trivialize this aspect of Bahá’í life by applying to it too many “gim- micks” or treating it with a lack of dignity. At the same time, the Assemblies should not dampen the enthusiasm of those friends who, having only slender financial resources, devise imaginative ways of earning money for the work of the Faith. Within this framework, there is clearly a difference in the range of activities open to individuals and those which it would be befitting and dignified for a Spiritual Assembly to engage in or sponsor."

—The Universal House of Justice, letter dated 26 June 1982, Developing Distinctive Bahá’í Communities, p. 10.29 

As a reminder, only Bahá'ís can give to the Funds:

". . . It is not proper for a Bahá’í institution to sponsor a “garage sale” of personal items contributed by believers for the benefit of a Bahá’í fund. This is not to say that an Assembly may not sell items of property to non-Bahá’ís for fair market value, but rather the non-Bahá’ís should not be led to purchase items at a fundraising sale on the representation that the proceeds are to be used for Bahá’í purposes."

—On behalf of the Universal House of Justice, letter dated 1 April 1968 to the National Spiritual Assembly of Panama, Lights of Guidance, no. 850 

The second quarterly goal is $19 million by October 31st.