Vol 15, Issue 9

1st quarter goal results for this fiscal year

We have finished the end of the first quarter of this fiscal year for the National Fund. The goal to be reached was $9 million by July 31, 2017 and the American believers contributed $6.1 million as of that date. We are confident the friends in the United States will continue to arise and will win the 2nd quarter goal of $18 million by October 31, 2017. Our love and prayers surround you always.

Children's certificates

The Office of the Treasurer is happy to announce that we have launched the Children’s Certificates initiative. We will be sending out personalized certificates for children up to the age of 14 who contribute directly to the National Fund! Twice a year certificates are mailed out to those children who have directly contributed in the past 6 months. In June, 196 children received certificates for their direct contributions to the National Baha’i Fund in the 2017 fiscal year, and we are looking forward to sending out the next certificates in the December/January time frame.

If the friends would like their children to receive these certificates moving forward, there are a couple options to consider. If they are directly contributing to the National Baha’i Fund through the Online Contribution System, they can add the children’s information in the “Include Household members” section on the bottom of the contribution page.  If they are sending in a check, their children’s names and Baha’i ID numbers should be included with the check

Please share this with the believers in your community and email any questions to bahaitreasurersoffice@usbnc.org or call 847-733-3472.