Vol 15, Issue 7

The Continental Fund

The US Bahá’í community has committed to contribute $600,000 each year to the Continental Fund. This Fund supports the crucial work of the Continental Counsellors, the Auxiliary Board, and their assistants, who have unique responsibilities to help the Bahá’í community develop their understanding in relation “to the dynamics of growth” (December 29, 2015). In that same letter, the Universal House of Justice describes how “in the institution of the Counsellors the Bahá’í community has a system through which the lessons learned in the remotest parts of the planet can benefit the worldwide process of learning in which every follower of Bahá’u’lláh can take part. As a progressively deeper understanding of the Five Year Plan emerges among the believers over time, insights that arise from applying the guidance are recognized, articulated, absorbed, and shared.” The Continental Fund is the lifeblood that allows for this activity.     

To contribute to the Continental Fund online visit bahai.us/fund, click Contribute, and select it from the drop-down menu after logging in. Please share this information with the believers in your community.