Vol 15, Issue 18

Universal Participation and Different Types of Funds


National FundThe National Spiritual Assembly is exceedingly grateful for the efforts of the local Assemblies and Treasurers to educate the friends about direct giving to the Bahá’í Funds, including International, Continental, National, Regional, and Local Funds. Below is an example:

“Our community-wide Feast went very well! We had a good turnout of over 80 people. We were prepared with 2x4 neon stickers preprinted with the various responsibilities of each fund and five posters on the walls around the room, one for each fund. The Treasurer introduced the Funds by going through a Powerpoint with some quotes on sacrificial giving, individual giving, and the importance of giving to the five permanent funds. 

He then introduced the activity. It was demonstrated with two examples, and the stickers were distributed by strips of 5 to groups of people around the room. It looked like almost all participated, and at the end, many took up the invitation to walk around and see what was posted under each category. There were reasonable suggestions from individuals that maybe some of the items could go under more than one fund. There was no attempt on the part of the Assembly to 'correct' any placements. Overall, it seemed to be a great activity for this group! Then came the wonderful question:  Would it be possible to get information in depth about each fund?”

National FundNational Fund