Vol 15, Issue 17

The National Fund supporting Race Unity

In February 2017, our National Spiritual Assembly sent us a message, which, among other issues, addresses racial prejudice. They said the following:

"The tensions, divisions, and injustices that currently beset America are symptoms of a longstanding illness. The nation is afflicted with a deep spiritual disorder, manifest in rampant materialism, widespread moral decay, and a deeply ingrained racial prejudice. As a result, millions of our fellow Americans, subject to systemic injustices in many facets of life, are prevented from making their full contributions to society and of partaking fully in its benefits. No one is immune to this disorder―we are all members of this society and to some degree suffer the effects of its maladies. That we live in a critical time can be seen in the way essential questions of identity, social vision, and global relations are being raised to a degree not seen in decades. Increasing numbers of our fellow-citizens are actively in search of solutions both moral and practical to answer them.

The resolution to these challenges lies in recognizing and embracing the truth at the heart of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation―the incontrovertible truth that humanity is one. Ignorance of this truth―which embodies the very spirit of the Age―is itself a form of oppression, for without it, it is impossible to build a truly just and peaceful world."

Further in this letter, the National Assembly talks of initiatives to address race underway:

"...through our Office of Public Affairs, we are advancing this institution’s involvement in the national discourse on race―drawing on insights from the various experiences of the friends and from our own previous efforts to offer a Baha'i perspective. A process is already underway leading to a national race unity conference under the sponsorship of this Assembly, details of which will be announced in due course."

We thought it timely to remind the believers that their contributions to the National Fund support important initiatives to help bring racial justice and unity to the citizens of this country. Please share this with the friends in your community and have a consultation on how our sacrifices for the Funds help to bring Baha'u'llah's vision into reality.