Vol 15, Issue 16

Supporting our Regional Fund

“It encourages believers within its region to contribute to various funds of the Cause, including the regional branch of the national fund, with the aim that, in due course, the entire expenditure for the region would be provided by the believers in the region.”
~ The Universal House of Justice, May 30, 1997, Creation of Regional Bahá’í Councils, p. 1

How does support of our Regional Fund assist with the teaching work? How can we further develop our relationship with our Regional Fund? As we strive to contribute directly to each of the Funds of the Faith, the Regional Fund is a crucial consideration. Please consult with the believers in your community on creative ways to increase awareness of the Regional Fund in your region and ways to support it. We would love to hear about the fruit of your consultations - email us at bahaitreasurersoffice@usbnc.org  - enjoy!