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The Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity (DCGA)

Is leaving a material as well as a spiritual legacy to the Baha’i Faith part of your future plan?  Are you between the ages of 25 and 59? Does receiving a fixed lifetime income after reaching age 60 interest you? If so, the Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity may be a viable option for you. The DCGA is available for believers age 25 and older, who have a minimum of $10,000 currently available as an irrevocable gift to the National Spiritual Assembly for establishing a DCGA, and who desire to leave a legacy to the Faith while receiving additional income after reaching age 60. Your annuity will support fulfilling the vision of the National Spiritual Assembly in future years and will ensure supplemental fixed lifetime income at age 60 or older. No fees are involved and the annuity is easy to establish. For more information to see if a DCGA is right for you, please email plannedgiving@usbnc.org

Significant Achievement!

Dearest coworkers in the Cause of God,

We send you our warmest greetings during this winter season and hope that your hearts are joyful as we begin the 2017 Gregorian year. We would like to request you as Treasurer read this letter with the friends gathered at Feast.

We continue to hear heartening stories of sacrifice and acts of service in the field that are helping to bring Bahá'u'lláh's healing message to so many across our nation and thus bringing more light into a darkened world.  At the same time we see clearly that the connection of the believers with the Funds of the Faith continues to strengthen. We know that all of our activities would come to a standstill without supporting the Funds of the Faith, the life-blood of the Cause. We are thrilled to report that thanks to sacrificial contributions, big and small, from individuals and institutions as well as those who left gifts to the National Fund in their wills, we have surpassed the 3rd quarter goal we had set to be reached by January 31, 2017! We currently stand at $25.7 million. This is truly an achievement to celebrate, as it indicates a profound response to the herculean labor asked of us by the Universal House of Justice. How can we express our gratitude to the Blessed Beauty for such a beautiful accomplishment of love and devotion to the Cause!

Friends, the fiscal year is far from over and much remains to be done. To reach our $35 million goal, $9.3 million is left to be contributed by the friends in the next quarter. We have every assurance that the beloved followers of Bahá'u'lláh will win this goal and with radiance and love in their hearts, assist this world to be a bright civilization of light and unity. We leave you with the following words from our Supreme Body for this Five Year Plan:

"We set this objective before the Bahá’í world conscious that it is truly formidable; that a herculean labour will be required; that many sacrifices will have to be made. But faced with the plight of a world that suffers more each day bereft of Bahá’u’lláh’s elixir, we cannot, in conscience, ask anything less of His devoted followers. God willing, their exertions will prove worthy to crown a hundred years of toil and set the stage for exploits as yet unimagined that must adorn the second century of the Formative Age."

Our love and prayers surround you always and continually.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Office of the Treasurer

Have you tried LSA Fund View in OCS?

LSA Fund View in OCS allows all members of an Assembly to view online contributions to the Assembly's Local Fund. While only the treasurer can see detailed contributor information, this allows for greater transparency and accountability with the precious Funds of the Faith. Members of the Assembly have automatic access if the Assembly is enrolled in the Local Fund Online program. Please email Finance@usbnc.org with any questions.