Vol 11

3rd quarter goal results

Lifeblood logoAs you can see from the graph in the Treasurers Notes, the results of the 3rd quarter goal are in. We didn't quite make our goal of $20 million, but we gave it a good try. We finished as of January 31, 2014 with $18.1 million. Please consult with the believers in your community about ways we can strive to reach our $31 million National Fund goal by April 30, 2014. We have every confidence we can galvanize the same spirit as last year and even surpass it by exceeding our goal! Our prayers and love are with you in this sacred endeavor.

Fundraiser survey results

Lifeblood logoThis past summer the Office of the Treasurer sent out a survey to treasurers of Local Assemblies and Registered Groups regarding fundraisers that had occurred in the previous fiscal year. We thought you may find the results interesting. Here's what we found out:

  • Out of 177 respondents, 58.8% (or 104 people) had a fundraiser in their area for the National Fund and 41.2% (or 73 people) did not
  • Out of 96 people who did attend a fundraiser, they said the following

77.1% said the fundraiser was a source of community building and unity for the participants

66.7% said the amount raised met or exceeded expectations

65.6% said the fundraiser succeeded in creating a vibrant spirit

38.5% said most or all of the attendees of the fundraiser participated

25% said most of the community attended the fundraiser

As we near the end of the fiscal year, which is April 30, 2014, and we strive as a national community to reach our $31 million National Fund goal, we hope the fundraisers you hold will be an abiding source of unity, community vitality and joyful spirit among the believers in your communities and clusters!

A local treasurer celebrates the achievements of the believers!

Lifeblood logoThe following email was sent by a local treasurer to his community, following the recent Feast letter from our National Treasurer. We found it an inspiring display of what can be accomplished when teaching and the Fund come together in unity and thought we would share parts of it with you:

"Dear Friends,

Our community is growing in exciting ways with the tremendous support of the believers, and this was stated also by the youth who are volunteering full time to raise community standards with the healing message of Bahá’u’lláh. With both manpower and financial resources, we are working with the youth and junior youth to help empower them to successfully teach the Bahá’í virtues which will "turn this nether world into a paradise.” The Assembly has agreed to support the youth/junior youth above and beyond the budget previously adopted. In fact the entire budget for the year has already been contributed, and the Assembly is going beyond that amount to support the local youth every month with their needful expenses so that they can do the work they are doing every day. In addition, Bahá’ís from outside the local area are supporting the Local Fund with contributions.

The National Treasurer sent a letter to the Feast last night stating that the National Fund is in about the same place as it was last year at this time. We achieved the goal last year, so let us work to achieve the goals again this year even though we are so far behind at the national level. May the Bahá’ís of the United States blow the top off the National Fund chart as it looks like we are going to do at the local level."