Fundraising Packet

Fundraising Packet!

Dearly loved Friends,

We are delighted to provide you with this fundraising packet, which we hope will be of assistance to you as you plan inspiring and creative fundraisers in support of the National Fund.  The following are items you can reference in your planning:

•    The Stewardship and Development manual (under 'Manuals') starting on page 63.

•    Here are several videos about what the National Fund does, all available for download.

•    Please promote the Online Contribution System! Here is an informative slideshow.

•    It would be wonderful to include some quotes from the writings about the Funds of the Faith and the importance of contributing directly to each one.  Quotes can be found in Sacred Trust, which can be downloaded here.

•   Here is a presentation entitled Fund 101 about the basics of the Baha'i Funds.

•   A presentation about the importance of universal participation in giving.

•   Here is a short presentation about the $35 million goal and where it goes.

•   An invitation letter template.

•   A thank you letter template.

•   A list of 9 financial guidelines to follow.

Hosting a fundraiser is a very joyous and creative process and we encourage you to also consult with your Assembly on meaningful ways to inspire the friends to participate in the fundraiser and contribute generously to the Fund.

Please contact us with any further questions by emailing  We wish you much success!

With loving Baha'i greetings,
Office of the Treasurer