Treasurers Notes for the Feast of Jalál/Glory
Fund Goal Reached!

What's in Your Archive?


This item is a picture of the first Local Spiritual Assembly of Fairfax County, Virginia.  The Assembly was formed in April 1963.  The members are: Back:  Joe Cowan, Norman White, Alan Conner, Sheila Cowan, Leroy Fouts; Front: Frank Stewart, Mona White, Lillian Stewart, Sue Fouts. The original photograph is held by the Spiritual Assembly of Fairfax County East, Virginia.  It was presented to the Assembly by Lillian Stewart.

Why is it in the archives? Because it is an important record of the first Spiritual Assembly of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Why is it important to have an archive for the Bahá’í community? It connects us with the past efforts and achievements of those who worked to serve the Faith before us.  It offers a window into that period of our history.


To submit a story or item from your archive, i.e. photograph, material, item, etc, write to bahaitreasurersoffice(at) with a photo and answers to the question: Why did this item go in your archive? Why is it important to have an archive for the Bahá’í Community?

To learn more about the National Archive Campaign: Preserving our Spiritual Heritageread the Bahá’í Fund Bulletin and The American Bahá’í magazine. Keep an eye out for videos, kids’ content, and more! 

To contribute to the project, select "US Bahá’í National Archives Renovation Fund" in the Online Contribution System.



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