Treasurers Notes for the Feast of Jalál/Glory
Feast of Jalál/Glory- April 8, 2020

Fund Goal Initiative

The Office of the Treasurer invites believers to participate in an initiative to meet the National Fund goal. From a letter released last month:

“The hearts and prayers of the entire staff of the Office of the Treasurer are extended to all those who have been affected directly and indirectly by the current global challenges. Amid this tumult, we witness daily with increasing gratitude the humbling sacrifices of the friends who rise in greater numbers than ever before to assure the work of His Cause goes forward unimpeded. With an eye on meeting the Fund goal set by our beloved National Spiritual Assembly, we invite the friends to embark on a special initiative aimed at pursuing that goal. With increased vigor and an ever mindful spiritual energy, we become the drops feeding a mighty flowing river that carries forward the vital work of our Faith. Please join us in this unified effort toward universal participation to raise the number of contributions to meet this year's Fund goal!”

The National Fund currently stands at $33.3M, with $6.7M to go before meeting the goal. During these uncertain times, we invite you to reflect on the following quote from Shoghi Effendi:

“Each and every believer, undaunted by the uncertainties, the perils and the financial stringency afflicting the nation, must arise and ensure, to the full measure of his or her capacity, that continuous and abundant flow of funds into the national Treasury, on which the successful prosecution of the Plan must chiefly depend.” - Shoghi Effendi

With prayers for healing, steadfastness, and strength, 

The Office of the Treasurer


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