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Treasurers Notes for the Feast of Baha/Splendor

Vol 17 issue 1 English FinalWe're happy to announce a new version of the Treasurer's Notes for the new year! We wanted to create a simpler layout that's still printer friendly. You'll notice that the graphs have changed; the National Fund chart is simplified and we've included a chart showing direct participation. A quick note about the direct participation graph - it shows the percent growth by month among individuals contributing directly to the National Fund compared to the previous year. A 'direct contribution' is when an individual either made a direct check or cash contribution to the Fund or used OCS. This graph does not include Local Spiritual Assemblies, who have nearly universal participation, nor does it include individuals who contribute through their Local Spiritual Assembly. Our hope is that the chart will encourage direct and universal participation among individuals, which provides not only financial stability to the National Spiritual Assembly but draws down spiritual blessings on the community and the individual contributor. We would love to hear your feedback on the new Treasurer's Notes and charts. You can contact the Office of the Treasurer at or by calling 847-733-3472.

Download Treasurers Notes with Story

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