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Feast of Kamál/Perfection- August 1, 2018

Quarterly Goal

The quarterly goal for the National Fund is $9.5M with the ultimate goal being $38M by the end of the fiscal year in April 2019. As of now, generous contributions have raised the Fund to $4.5M.

A great way to keep up with the quarterly goals is regular giving throughout the year. Did you know that in the Online Contribution System, you can set up automatic payments to contribute to the Funds every month? You can also easily divide contributions between any of the Funds, including Local, Regional, National, Continental, and International Funds. We know that giving, especially on a continual basis, is an endeavor of great sacrifice. In a tablet written specifically to Americans, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá encourages us by saying:

"O ye friends of God! ‘Abdu’l-Bahá is day and night thinking of you and mentioning you, for the friends of God are dear to Him. Every morning at dawn I supplicate the Kingdom of God and ask that you may be filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit, so that you may become brilliant candles, shine with the light of guidance and dispel the darkness of error. Rest assured that the confirmations of the Abhá Kingdom will continuously reach you. 

Through the power of the divine springtime, the downpour of the celestial clouds and the heat of the Sun of Reality, the tree of life is just beginning to grow. Before long, it will produce buds, bring forth leaves and fruits, and cast its shade over the East and the West. This Tree of Life is the Book of the Covenant."

—‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í World Faith, p. 429 


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