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Feast of Mulk/Dominion - February 7, 2016

New Plan encourages our relationship with the Funds

In the exciting new message from our Supreme Body outlining the conditions of the next Five Year Plan beginning at Ridvan, they address the importance of spiritualizing our material resources:

"As institutions and agencies seek to accelerate the processes of expansion and consolidation in every land, the question of financial resources will surely claim increased attention. Indeed, an important aspect of enhancing institutional capacity over the coming years will be the ongoing development of local and national Funds. For this to occur, the generality of the friends must be invited to consider afresh the responsibility of all believers to support the work of the Faith through their own means and, further, to manage their financial affairs in the light of the teachings." (Universal House of Justice, December 29, 2015)

The development of the National Fund has reached a new milestone - we have surpassed our third quarter goal early! The third quarter goal to be reached by January 31, 2016 was $22.5 million. As of December 31, 2015 we reached $22.6 million and as of January 31, 2016 we reached $24.5 million! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the devoted sacrifices of the believers to contribute throughout the year continuously and to reduce the tendency to wait until the final hours to contribute. For our $34 million goal to be reached by April 30, 2016, how astounding would it be if we reached it early this year, and started off this new Five Year Plan with enthusiasm and love in our hearts. We are excited to witness the accomplishments of the friends in all of their endeavors to serve the Blessed Beauty and His Cause.


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