Feast of Kalimat/Words - July 13, 2015
Treasurers Notes for the Feast of Kamál/Perfection

Description of Funds

Permanent Funds

The International Bahá’í Fund directly supports the Universal House of Justice and, as Shoghi Effendi has said, "participation of individual believers, through contributions directly transmitted to the Holy Land are imperative..." These funds are also used for the development of Bahá’í activities around the world.

The Continental Funds support the protection and spread of the Faith in each continent and subsidize the work of the International Teaching Center, the Continental Boards of Counselors, and the Auxiliary Boards and their assistants.

The National Bahá’í Fund is referred to by Shoghi Effendi as "the bedrock upon which all the activities of the Cause ultimately rest" as it supports the administration and spread of the Faith internationally, nationally, at the regional level, and at the cluster level.

The Regional Bahá’í Council Funds  directly support the ten Regional Bahá’í Councils.  Regional Bahá’í Councils focus on support of the teaching work in each region, primarily through development of Regional Training Institutes and clusters, working with Local Spiritual Assemblies, and executing the plans of the National Spiritual Assembly.

The World Center Endowment Fund, in the words of the House of Justice, is "for the preservation, upkeep, and security of the edifices and precincts of the Spiritual and Administrative Centers of the Faith."

Special Funds

The Chilean Temple Fund was established by the Universal House of Justice in 2003, writing that "the Chilean Temple Fund [is] dedicated to the vital financial support of the construction of this House of Worship. Assemblies and believers everywhere are called upon to contribute generously for this purpose." The US Bahá’í community continues to contribute to the estimated $38 million necessary for the completion of the Mother Temple of South America.

The International Temples Fund was established by The Universal House of Justice in 2012, to support the construction of the two national and five local Mashriqu’l-Adhkárs.  National: Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Papua New Guinea.   Local:  Battambang, Cambodia; Bihar Sharif, India; Matunda Soy, Kenya; Norte del Cauca, Colombia; and Tanna, Vanuatu.

The House of Worship Campus Endowment Fund (Wilmette, IL) was established to defray the annual costs and upkeep of the Temple and its campus, which currently includes the gardens and Welcome Center.

The Bahá’í International Radio and Television (BIRS) calledPayam-e-Doost, produces a radio program and Novin T.V., whose missions are to dissipate misinformation about the Bahá'í Faith in Iran, and create a bridge of love and understanding to Persian-speaking people around the world.

The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace Endowment The Chair was established in 1993 as a post and related educational program at the University of Maryland and has enriched the lives of numerous students. Its mission is to address questions of international peace, social justice, human security, and equitable access to goods, services, and knowledge.  The Endowment will help defray operational costs for all efforts and programs of the Chair.

Is there a fund you would like to support that isn’t listed here? Any questions can be sent to Finance@usbnc.org.


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