Planned Giving Announcement
Feast of Sultán/Sovereignty - January 19, 2013

Moving Towards the Goal

Lifeblood logoDearly loved friends,

As you can see from the Treasurer’s Notes, as of the month of December the National Fund has received $14.6 million toward a goal of $31 million. The National Spiritual Assembly is heartened and humbled to recall the record-making contributions received in the months of October and November and, although December did not break a financial record, we continued to see an increase in participation. Equally encouraging are the numerous stories from the friends of the tremendous acts of sacrifice they have undertaken as a community and as individuals to give all they can out of love for our Faith and a desire to see it grow.

As we look forward with renewed confidence in the undoubted capacity of the steadfast believers in this blessed nation to raise the $16.4 million needed in the next four months to win our National Fund goal by Ridván, we are reminded of these words by the Universal House of Justice:

“Contributing to the Fund is a service that every believer can render, be he poor or wealthy; for this is a spiritual responsibility in which the amount given is not important. It is the degree of the sacrifice of the giver, the love with which he makes his gift, and the unity of all the friends in this service which bring spiritual confirmations…”

​​​​​​​(Universal House of Justice, Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 249)

As grass-roots stewards of the “lifeblood of the Cause” we rely upon your invaluable assistance to the National Spiritual Assembly by helping the believers in your community to receive the inestimable spiritual bounties gained through support of the Fund and to advance your local community through the dynamic power generated by universal participation.

We eagerly look forward to hearing your stories of sacrifice and victory as together we gather the material means so necessary to meet our National Fund goal and advance the Five Year Plan.

With loving Baha'i greetings,

Office of the Treasurer


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