New Issue of FUNDamentals!
Feast of Mulk/Dominion - February 7, 2009

$10.6 Million Left To Go!

Fund charts.001 A renewed spirit of sacrifice has been awakened as vast numbers of believers have responded to the letter sent by our National Treasurer, Dr. William Roberts, dated December 17, 2008.  An extraordinary volume of contributions were received following the sending out of this letter, $3.8 Million in one month alone, which includes $400,000 contributed between the 6 Regional Conferences.

But there is still a long way to go to reach the National Fund Goal of $25 Million.  Imagine the power that will be generated when the American Baha'i community comes forward to win this goal, or to exceed it, during these times of economic crisis.  What a testament to our faith in Baha’u’llah and His world-transforming system!

Our Supreme Body tells us:

“Bold and determined efforts are being made to share the Message of Baha’u’llah with receptive souls, and new believers are being welcomed at a rate not seen in many years. The immediate engagement of these fresh adherents in the courses of the training institute provides the means for quickly confirming them in active service and establishing a sustainable pattern of expansion and consolidation.” (The Universal House of Justice, 6 December 2008)

We ask you to consult with the members of your Local Spiritual Assembly, your communities and your clusters about how the training institute is helping to build Baha’u’llah’s new civilization. Integrate in your consultations how the National Fund is the bedrock for the study circles and thus the importance of winning this year’s National Fund goal of $25 Million. Reflect on how it is all tied together and share your learnings on the Treasurers Cafe. Everyone will benefit from hearing the results of these crucial conversations.

“As the activities of the American Baha’i Community expand, and its world-wide prestige correspondingly increases, the institution of the National Fund, the bedrock on which all other institutions must necessarily rest and be established, acquires added importance…”

(Letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, dated July 29, 1935, Baha'i Funds: Contributions and Administration, p. 9)


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