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Responses to December 2007 Letter Pour In

Mailbox_with_hearts_and_petals With tender joy and appreciation the National Spiritual Assembly continues to receive endearing letters and sacrificial contributions in response to the December 2007 letter calling the friends to meet the Fund challenge before us by “striving to provide the financial resources necessary to enable us to take the steps needed to coordinate and consolidate the victories that are on the horizon.” 

Hundreds of letters have arrived, each offering contributions that move us closer towards victory and conveying their authors’ dedication, devotion and love as they give their hearts to the Cause. In one response the friends simply wrote on the back of the December correspondence, relating that just as the letter from the Treasurer arrived a financial opportunity became available and “in response… there was no question as to what Baha’u’llah wanted from us.” Another letter expressed a junior youth’s sacrifice of his savings for a summer tour in order that he may contribute to the Fund, while a young family sealed their contribution with the following words, “Family response to need-Thank You.”

As the contributions and letters continue to be received there is still much to be accomplished in order to catch-up and meet our challenge by Ridvan. Contributions as of December 2007 totaled $11.8 million, a $.4 million increase from 2006, leaving us with $13.2 million left to raise to meet the National Fund Goal of $25 million.

The resources needed for the Five Year Plan, the vehicle for entry by troops, depend on our gallant efforts and continual support of the National Fund. Please extend our loving encouragement to each and every one of the beloved friends in your communities and our eternal gratitude to all local treasurers for your service to the Sacred Trust.


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